10 Best Slack Alternatives For Enhanced Team Communications in 2023

Ever feel overwhelmed by Slack’s endless channels and notifications? Or are you simply curious to see what else is out there for your team? While Slack’s powerful software is a good solution for many, there are plenty of Slack alternatives that may better suit your needs.

These 10 innovative solutions offer a refreshing take on team communication and collaboration with features that will streamline your team’s workflow.

So, take a look and consider making the switch to one of these top Slack alternatives for better business communications.

10 Best Slack Alternatives to Try

Get ready to dive into the top 10 game-changers to revolutionize your team’s communication and collaboration! Say goodbye to Slack and say hello to a whole new level of productivity!

1. ClickUp: Best Overall Slack Alternative

Ideal for businesses looking to enhance team communication and drive productivity, ClickUp is a handy alternative to Slack. This tool combines project collaboration capabilities with a team messaging app, allowing you to streamline tasks and foster efficient communication.

Here’s how ClickUp can elevate your business:

  • Chat View: Tailor channels for specific projects or teams, facilitating discussions, action points, and file sharing.
  • ClickApps: Offers over 35 tools for workflow customization, task automation, and improved project management.
  • Docs: Real-time document creation, editing, and collaboration.
  • Whiteboard: A space for collective brainstorming with sticky notes and drawing tools.

While some users note a steep learning curve and slow loading times, the multitude of features, including screen sharing, audio and video calls, and per-user monthly pricing, make it a viable choice among alternatives to Slack for enhanced team communication.

Crafted as a comprehensive task management system, ClickUp is a robust team communication tool that can save you time and improve connectivity.

Check out our ClickUp review, where we dig into even more detail.

2. Microsoft Teams: Best Slack Alternative From a Reputable Brand

If you’re a business seeking a robust team collaboration tool from a well-known brand, Microsoft Teams is an excellent alternative to Slack. This software, similar to Slack, supports video chat, group messaging, and file sharing, fostering better connectivity and saving time.

Here’s what Microsoft Teams offers:

  • Teams Connect: Enables seamless collaboration with users outside your organization.
  • Simple Guest Invitation: Allows users to join virtual meetings through their web browser using a designated link.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Minimize distractions during video calls with blur effects or pre-designed backgrounds.
  • Priority Notifications: Sends repeat notifications every two minutes for urgent matters.

Despite some drawbacks like a complicated file structure and occasional errors with chat notifications, the range of project management features and audio and video calling facilities make Microsoft Teams a strong contender among apps like Slack.

3. HighSide: Best Alternative for Security and Confidentiality

For organizations with high-security requirements, HighSide is a superior alternative to Slack. This platform offers advanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, authentication, and secure cloud storage.

Key features:

  • Compliance Support: Helps you align with HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.
  • Microsoft Teams Extension: Enables secure work across multiple apps.
  • Role-Based Access Controls: Ensures data can only be accessed by authorized users.

Although it might cost more per user per month compared to open-source alternatives, HighSide’s robust security features make it an excellent choice for sharing sensitive data. It supports task management, screen sharing, group chats, and audio/video calls, empowering your team to collaborate safely and effectively.

4. Discord: Most Affordable Slack Alternative

For businesses that value a robust option with plenty of free features, Discord is an excellent team chat tool. Originally designed for gamers, it has evolved into a powerful platform for business communication.

Now, it’s an accessible alternative for those who don’t want to invest in a paid Slack plan. Non-profits, schools, and small businesses may find Discord ideal for their budgets.

A few standout features of this tool include:

  • Screen Readers: Assist visually impaired users.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Allows mouseless usage of the app.
  • Slash Commands: Automate tasks like sending welcome messages or managing inquiries.
  • File Sharing: Share documents, images, and videos in group chats or public channels.

While it lacks some advanced features and collaboration tool integrations found in other apps, its core capabilities — direct messages, voice and video calls, and file sharing — are all available in the free plan.

For more features, there’s the Nitro version.

For more free or deeply discounted Slack alternatives, check out our list of Discord alternatives.

5. RingCentral Video

For businesses seeking next-level team collaboration in a simple and free format, Video by RingCentral is an ideal choice. This tool goes beyond typical team chat apps with built-in features like tasks, one of the best marketing calendar options, and notes.

This slim but powerful program includes:

  • Unlimited Video Conferencing: Conduct one-on-one or group video calls without time limits.
  • Versatile Access: Join meetings from your laptop or mobile device, or directly from a web browser.
  • Seamless Switching: Move meetings between devices with a single click.
  • Professional Presentation Modes: Enhance your image with screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and auto-follow camera technology.

Despite lacking end-to-end encryption, RingCentral’s ability to integrate with other apps through Zapier and over 20 custom integrations makes it a powerful tool for both open forums and private conversations.

6. Troop Messenger

For businesses in need of a secure collaboration platform, Troop Messenger is an efficient team chat app. It’s easy to keep information confidential and keep an eye on all team members for high-quality security.

Troop Messenger supports instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, and file sharing, all in one place. Notable features include:

  • Forkout: Send one message to multiple users simultaneously, speeding up communication.
  • Burnout: Share confidential information in private chats that disappear after a set time.
  • Chat Supportive Actions: Provides easy-to-use functions like reply, copy, forward, edit, recall, and delete messages.
  • Remote Desktop Control: Control what appears on the screen during virtual meetings.

Despite lacking a free version, Troop Messenger offers a free trial and unlimited message history, even for deactivated team members. It’s a feature-rich alternative to project management software at a very affordable monthly price.

7. Flock

For teams in need of efficient task management, Flock is an excellent alternative to Slack. This tool offers a range of features, including process automation, which can streamline your workflows and boost productivity.

A few of the features that make it stand out are:

  • Process Automation: Automate repetitive tasks for more efficiency.
  • Integrated Search: Easily find information from group chats and personal messages.
  • Public Channels: Organize discussions, polls, and track project progress.
  • Reminders: Never miss a deadline with task reminders.

Flock’s free plan is generous, offering unlimited messages, one-on-one video calls, and up to 10 public channels.

However, bear in mind that the audio and video call quality and third-party integrations might not match up to other options. Despite these minor drawbacks, Flock’s task management features make it a worthy consideration.

8. Twist

For teams that prioritize organized, methodical communication, Twist is one of the best Slack alternatives. This project management and messaging tool excels in thread-based conversations, enabling team members to initiate discussions, share periodic updates, and celebrate successful campaigns in a non-disruptive manner.

Features include:

  • Thread-Based Conversations: Promotes focused group chats and one-on-one discussions.
  • Shared Inbox: All threads integrate into one inbox; no important task falls through the cracks.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Supports over 30 apps, including Google Drive and GitHub, enhancing team collaboration.

While it lacks instant messaging, audio, and video calls, its user-friendly interface and strong task management features make it ideal for teams that prefer asynchronous communication.

The cost per user per month may vary depending on the size of your team. However, the streamlined communication and productivity gains make it a worthwhile investment.

9. TypeTalk

For smaller teams seeking a focused discussion platform, TypeTalk is one of the more efficient Slack alternatives. This online collaboration software integrates with the programs Cacoo and Backlog, allowing you to manage projects and diagrams seamlessly.

The main features include:

  • Topics: Organize group chats around specific projects or departments.
  • Tags: Use hashtags to label essential messages for easy browsing.
  • API and Webhook: Customize tools to meet your team’s needs.

The free plan covers up to 10 team members. Paid plans come at a heftier price than other Slack alternatives on this list but may be a good fit for larger teams with high cashflow.

10. Ryver

For teams seeking a versatile communication tool, Ryver stands out as a powerful alternative to Slack. This platform offers unlimited group messaging and file sharing, promoting efficient collaboration among team members.

It offers features like:

  • Topic-Threaded Chat: Organize conversations around specific topics for focused discussions.
  • Custom Invite Links: Simplify the onboarding process of new members.
  • Document Sharing: Seamlessly share files via Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Single Sign-On: Streamline login with Google Workspace, Okta, or 1Password credentials.

Despite its video and audio call feature being limited to five participants, Ryver’s comprehensive features and 14-day trial make it worthwhile to test it out with your team members.

Final Thoughts: 10 Best Slack Alternatives For Teams

In the quest to streamline team communication, finding the right Slack alternatives can truly elevate your productivity. Each platform offers unique features tailored to varying team dynamics and business needs.

So here’s to discovering a tool that not only meets your team’s requirements but also inspires new heights in collaboration and innovation.

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