9 ChatGPT Success Stories to Highlight What You Can Do in 2023

If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines, then you have already heard about Sam Altman and his generative AI platform, ChatGPT. This program is taking artificial intelligence to the next level, and many are finding creative ways to earn a little passive income with this tool. The ChatGPT success stories that are coming out all over the internet are impressive, to say the least. 

What can you do with Chat GPT to earn more or to start a passive revenue stream? 

Keep reading to find out how to harness this AI tool for good!

Writing a Book in 10 Days

Gone are the days when you could spend years slaving away at the next great American novel. Using the natural language tool that ChatGPT offers, you can write a book in no time. In fact, people are ultimately flooding self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP with newly “written” books. Does it sound too good to be true? 

Consider this example of an author who used Chat GPT to write a book in just 10 days. This author also utilized other tools that could generate AI images as well. Surely, that took some extra time, but the major accomplishment here is that it could be done. 

The book clocked in at an impressive 93 pages, proving that there are tons of options for ChatGPT success stories for want-to-be novelists. Of course, his book was a little meta, covering the topic of how to get successful stories out of the AI tool. 

However, many people are finding that it is just as clever when it comes to creative writing. While an individual author may make little on a self-published book written with ChatGPT, you don’t have to go to a fancy New York publishing house to get your story on the shelves.

And combining it with a tool like KDSpy could help you become a self-publishing powerhouse!

Pro tip: Stick with it and create a decent backlist – you might be able to eke out some decent side hustle income.

Write a Children’s Book in Hours

chatgpt success stories - write a children's book

If your goal isn’t to end up on the New York Times bestseller list, you might want to consider ChatGPT for a smaller project: writing children’s books. These short-form stories are quick and easy to pound out with artificial intelligence. 

Author Brett Schickler claims that he always wanted to write a book. He decided to use the new tech to write a short children’s book story to be self-published on Amazon. Altogether, he spent less than a few hours coming up with an AI-generated story that spanned 30 pages. 

He earned about $100 off the book in the span of a few weeks – not bad for something that didn’t require much in the way of effort!

Landing a Job Interview

No doubt about it, landing a job is harder than ever. At least one person has started to use ChatGPT to boost the interest in their resume and cover letter. One user has been out of work since October and submitted applications to almost 50 new employers. How many interviews did they see? 

The answer: one. 

They started to think about using the AI model to more rapidly apply for positions, using it to generate a series of impressive and customized cover letters. The conversational AI tool is perfect for trimming down the amount of time spent on a given application. With the help of ChatGPT, success stories are coming in that it’s landing people even more interviews. 

The same person applied for 12 new positions using cover letters generated by ChatGPT. How many of those interviews did they score? 


Their success at landing interviews improved from just 2 percent to 25 percent.

Rewrite Your Resume

chatgpt success stories - rewrite your resume

Other ChatGPT success stories also revolve around the possibility of using the AI model to improve the text of your resume. Many people struggle with how to write up their previous job responsibilities and how to describe their relevant experience. Getting this down to a pithy soundbite for a new employer to review is a challenge. 

Now, all you have to do is type in what your experience was, and ChatGPT will start to fill in the blanks. 

In the end, you’ll have a more professional-sounding resume that fully encompasses your most relevant experience. 

The only thing it can’t do for you is sharing the effects that your work has on a company. If you want to give concrete examples and statistics, you’ll still have to add these the old-fashioned way. 

But you can also use AI as a very suitable and reliable cover letter generator!

Build and Sell a Chatbot in 2 Days

chatgpt success stories - create a chatbot

Are you looking for a side hustle that earns you stacks of money quickly? The AI system at ChatGPT might have just what you’re looking for. At least one person has had success with forming a robust chatbot using the conversational AI functions on ChatGPT. 

Instead of programming that might have taken hours in the past, it can take just a few days to come up with an interactive chatbot. 

The best part is that you can sell an AI chatbot for a decent sum. Shawn (@shawnhll) spent two days in front of the computer. In the end, he sold what he made to the tune of $10K to the guys at Originality.ai.

Who couldn’t use a few extra thousand dollars to pad their bank account? 

Creating Pitch Decks as a Side Hustle

Many companies must put together pitch decks in order to secure funding for their latest project or just to get all members of their team on the same page. In the past, this took tons of time to get everything perfect, but AI capabilities are making it easier than ever for someone outside of the company to put them together. 

Larry Lundstrom is using OpenAIs ChatGPT to earn some nice side hustle money. Each week, he can assemble two to three pitch decks depending on their length and complexity. 

How much does he charge for one of these pitch decks created using AI technology? 

$500 to $1,000 each! 

If you have a good eye for designing these presentations and know how to get the AI system to work with you, you could have a solid stream of side hustle money rolling in!

Create Short-Form Content for Money

Maybe you have your own blog, or maybe you want to manage someone else’s blog. The truth is that short-form content is just about everywhere – and CEO Sam Altman has made it easier than ever to churn out these short essays, blog posts, and articles. 

Business Insider took a closer look at how ChatGPT compares to content produced by actual humans – and the results were almost scary good! 

In just 30 seconds, ChatGPT produced an article that needed just minor polishing before it was client-ready. Freelancer Henry Williams charged about $600 for this completed article. Imagine how many you could “write” and edit over the course of a day with rates this high. 

You can even use ChatGPT to improve SEO.

However, when it comes to blog articles and content you publish on your sites – it’s not recommended to use ChatGPT.

The team at OpenAI wants to watermark their text – and the consequences of this are not clear at this point.

So for blog articles – it’s best to go with Jasper. It’s built on the same GPT 3 tech stack as ChatGPT without the watermark concerns. And it’s a tried and true writing assistant for niche site owners!

Passing the Medical Licensing Exam and the Bar Exam

Want to know how impressive the AI technology is when it comes to subjects that really matter: medical research and legal work? 

While OpenAI CEO Sam Altman cautions people away from using this AI technology for anything super important, it shows early promise. One Google programmer wanted to see how reliable the technology was when it came to the Medical Licensing Examination and the bar exam for lawyers. 

It even boasted a decent score on the LSAT with scores in the 40th percentile. 

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t use it for things that matter too much, but the technology is quickly going to be on its way to competing with the brightest minds. 

Custom Python Programming

Don’t have a background in computer science but still need to run some code? ChatGPT is also helping users with their creative programming dilemmas, particularly when it comes to Python. Take this ChatGPT success story into consideration: One architect needed to renumber doors based on room numbers but lacked the computer programming skill to accomplish this. 

Four days later, he had a custom solution that did exactly what he needed it to do without buying an entirely new program. 

Next time you have an issue with a personal website or some type of related topics in computer science, try giving ChatGPT a chance to solve it before you bring in a professional. 

Final Verdict: Can You Achieve Success with ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT success stories are all over social media and the internet at large. Depending on what type of work you’re doing and what you intend to use it for, you might just want to test out the AI capabilities in this program. Be sure to edit what it puts out for you in terms of both content and grammar. While it has natural language processing, it might not always be the most intuitive. 

If you think that you could make use of OpenAIs ChatGPT, try to give it a quick spin. You might just be surprised at how many lucrative side hustles you can make with this tool! 

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