Best Way to Launch Your Affiliate Program in 2023

Ready to launch your own affiliate program? Then check out our FirstPromoter review and find out why it might be a good choice for your businesses. You can also learn about alternatives to FirstPromoter and everything you need to know about the platform.

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FirstPromoter Review

  • Data accuracy and reliability

  • Comprehensive analytics

  • Automation and integration

  • Cost-effectiveness


First Promoter is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that enables you to quickly launch and manage your own referral program. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard, with features such as branded shareable links, automated email campaigns, mass Paypal payouts, detailed analytics, and more. Using FirstPromoter’s powerful features, businesses can create a successful and profitable affiliate program. With its detailed analytics, customizable campaigns, and more, they can ensure their program is optimized for success. Get FirstPromoter right here!


  • Automated Paypal payouts: This makes it easy to make payments quickly and securely.
  • Multi-tiered commissions: This system allows for more complex rewards structures, allowing for a higher degree of control over the payment process.
  • Tax Form Collection: First Promoter simplifies the collection of tax forms, providing a hassle-free process for both customers and businesses.
  • Migration Support: First Promoter provides comprehensive migration support, making it easy to migrate data between systems.


  • Only PayPal supported for automated payments: Users without PayPal accounts will need to be paid manually.
  • Onboarding is a bit complex: Setting up First Promoter can be a bit complex and time consuming, especially for those without prior experience.
  • Finding the Right Affiliates: First Promoter doesn’t feature a marketplace for affiliates, meaning you’ll need to build your own affiliate network.
  • Users are unable to approve, decline or edit affiliates and conversions themselves – a service that the FP team must handle. This might prove inconvenient for some, despite their responsiveness. It’s an option many users could benefit from having at their fingertips.

FirstPromoter is a Transylvanian-based affiliate marketing tool that helps businesses grow their sales through affiliates and referrals.

It simplifies the process of creating, managing, and tracking referrals with features like limited visitor tracking, personalized referral links, multi-links sub-ID tracking, automated payouts via PayPal, and more.

With its comprehensive set of affiliate management features, First Promoter enables businesses to easily launch and scale their affiliate marketing program.

With First Promoter, businesses can also set up multi-tiered commissions (MLM) for referral marketing, customize email templates, and track link & coupon performance.

All of these features make it an ideal tool for businesses looking to take their affiliate marketing automation to the next level.

Let’s look in more detail…

Comprehensive Affiliate Tracking

FirstPromoter provides detailed referral tracking analytics and insights into the performance of your affiliates, enabling you to make informed decisions about recruiting new affiliates and optimizing campaigns.

Campaign Management

Easily create and manage multiple campaigns with a variety of settings, including link customization, reward types, geographic targets, and more. This allows you to tailor your campaigns to specific audiences or goals.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

FirstPromoter’s experienced customer service staff are available to help you get the most out of their platform, ensuring that you can maximize the success of your affiliate program.

Custom Integrations and APIs

Integrate with third-party e-commerce platforms and customize the look and feel of your affiliate program with custom CSS and Javascript.

Fraud Detection

Automatically detect refund/chargeback fraud, helping to protect you from fraudulent activity.

Non-Monetary Rewards

In addition to common payment methods, offer non-monetary rewards such as discount codes or free products to incentivize your affiliates and reward their hard work.

With these features, FirstPromoter provides a comprehensive platform for managing and optimizing your affiliate program.

There are three subscription levels based on how much revenue is generated each month by your affiliate/referral program (including recurring commission):

  • Starter $49/mo up to $5,000/mo from affiliates
  • Business $99/mo up to $15,000/mo from affiliates
  • Enterprise $149/mo over $15,000/mo from affiliates
Firstpromoter review - pricing screenshot

FirstPromoter is affiliate tracking software designed for marketers who are looking to launch and manage their own affiliate programs. It is a great tool for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

It provides the ability to easily create campaigns and monitor performance in real-time, as well as comprehensive reporting that can be used to make data-driven decisions.

The highly customizable platform offers various integrations so users can easily connect their existing systems with FirstPromoter.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to launch a successful affiliate program.

Firstpromoter review - features screenshot
Firstpromoter review - positive review

FirstPromoter generally has positive reviews from its users. Customers praise the platform for being easy to use and offering great customer service. They also appreciate its intuitive, customizable, and detailed analytics that can be used to make data-driven decisions.

Users leaving a FirstPromoter review report that using the referral software has saved them time and money managing their affiliate programs. Overall, most people seem to be pleased with the features and benefits offered by FirstPromoter.

Firstpromoter review - positive review

If you’re not completely sold on FirstPromoter, here are a couple of alternative affiliate marketing tools to consider.


With Tapfiliate, businesses can easily manage all of their affiliates in one place, track performance, and gain insights into what’s helping to boost sales.

Additionally, Tapfiliate offers robust integration options with APIs and webhooks, as well as an intuitive user interface.

Moreover, with the ability to give affiliates their own codes to share and reward them for it wherever they like, businesses are provided with a win-win solution for growing their business.

Tapfiliate also provides access to its Partner Network and Customer Success Team for additional support when needed. Tapfiliate makes it easy to get started with an affiliate program and turn it into a successful venture.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, Tapfiliate may not be the best option, as prices start at $89/month. This is more expensive than FirstPromoter’s entry-level price point.


PayKickstart is a great option for businesses wishing to start their own affiliate program because it provides all the necessary tools and features to do so seamlessly.

It offers an easy-to-use checkout experience for customers, subscription management capabilities, and advanced revenue retention tools.

Plus, it has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that help you track and measure your affiliate performance.

PayKickstart’s security and compliance measures ensure your data’s safety, helping protect you and your affiliates from potential fraud.

With PayKickstart, you can easily create an effective affiliate program to drive more sales and provide a better customer experience.

Compared to FirstPromoter, PayKickstart is more costly, with a starting price tag of $99/month.

Firstpromoter review - alternatives. paykickstart homepage screenshot

Our FirstPromoter review finds it is an excellent choice for businesses looking to launch their own affiliate marketing program. The platform offers comprehensive tracking and analytics, campaign management tools, fraud detection, and more.

It also has excellent customer service and allows users to customize the look and feel of their programs.

With its competitive pricing plans, FirstPromoter affiliate marketing software is an attractive option for businesses of any size.

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