Can It Help You Make Money Online in 2023?

Many online courses claim to help you to make easy passive income, and the Remote Integrator Academy does this. But is it all hype? This Remote Integrator review will examine what the course offers, so you can make an informed decision.

In this review, we’ll detail what a remote integrator is, their work, who created the course content, how much it costs, what you’ll learn in the training, the pros and cons, and whether it’s worth your time.

So, if you’re wondering if remote integration is the right side hustle for you as a complete beginner, read on to learn more about the Remote Integrator Academy training program.

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Remote Integrator Academy Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Effectiveness

  • Support

  • Price


The Remote Integrator Academy is a training course claiming to equip you with the skills to be a remote integrator who supports businesses to improve sales and processes. While there is a large amount of content with over 120 video lectures, the course is expensive and has been criticized for lacking in systems whilst being over complicated.


  • Over 120 training videos and text content
  • Taught by Ravi Abuvala who has achieved success with this business model
  • A good amount of support with coaching calls and the accountability group


  • Extremely high cost at $7,500
  • Comments made about video lectures being over complicated
  • No money-back guarantee is mentioned on the website
  • Some members report being disappointed by the quality of the program
  • A lot of focus on hiring VA’s when Ravi himself suggests the work can be finished in a few hours a day

Remote Integrator Academy Review: What Is It?

The Remote Integrator Academy is an educational program offered by Ravi Abuvala.

The course teaches you how to become a remote integrator – someone who helps business owners save time, improve efficiency and accelerate company growth.

A remote integrator does this by:

  • Identifying and fixing problems that are restricting a business in its sales, operations, and marketing
  • Setting up automated systems and workflows to streamline sales, marketing, and operations

The course promises that remote integration work is a ‘wildly profitable side hustle’ that can be started in your spare time.

And, with experience, you can quit your 9-5, earn passive income and enjoy a high-quality lifestyle.

Who Created the Remote Integrator Academy?

Rabi Abuvala is the founder of the Remote Integrator Academy.

Before he became an award-winning entrepreneur, he had aspirations to be a lawyer and took time out to study for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Despite passing the test, he changed his mind about what direction he wanted to take his life in.

He started to work part-time while learning how to set up ads for businesses online.

The money he earned was invested back into growing his business and paying for mentorships.

And today, his businesses are worth millions. His company ‘Scaling with Systems’ is a business accelerator that has helped over 2,000 founders grow exponentially and generate tens of millions in profits.

All the skills he gained building his own business and helping companies grow are taught today in the Remote Integrator Academy.

Who is the Remote Integrator Academy Right For?

The Remote Integrator Academy is right for anyone who wants to start their own business from home.

You don’t need any prior experience to make money as a remote integrator, although knowledge in a specific area of business will help.

Working as a remote integrator part-time in the beginning is possible, and once you get clients, this can become a full-time career.

What’s Included in the Training?

whats included in the training

Here’s what you get access to with the Remote Integrator Academy curriculum:

Remote Integrator Academy Video Lectures

Inside the course, you get access to over 120 training videos.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get high-paying clients
  • Sell yourself and your skills
  • Assess business systems
  • Provide data analysis
  • Offer value to clients
  • Solve problems and offer solutions for marketing, sales, and client retention
  • Create wealth through investing
  • Use different business software

To further help you understand the process, you get shown examples and case studies.

Support in the Messenger Channel and Accountability Group

You’re granted access to the private messenger channel that includes other Remote Integrator students and a success coach who’ll answer any questions you have.

Alongside this, you’ll be added to a smaller accountability group of 4-8 other students at the same stage in the program as you.

The point of this is to help you stay on track by keeping each other accountable to get the work done.

Coaching Calls with Experienced Remote Integrators

Students have regular coaching calls with experienced remote integrators that have earned six figures or more after taking the course.

Remote Integrator Placement Program

After graduating from the Remote Integrator Academy, you get put into the placement program and possibly get hired by a list of clients.

Your knowledge will be tested by Ravi’s team and help is given to prepare you for an interview.

There’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll get hired, but the claim is that the probability is very high.

Remote Integrator Academy Review: How Much Does It Cost?

The Remote Integrator Academy cost is not currently listed on its website.

You need to schedule a ‘’breakthrough’’ call with one of Ravi’s team, when enrollment opens up again.

However, research shows that the academy price was last quoted to be $7,500, although this may fluctuate.

Remote Integrator Review: Any Success Stories?

There are many good testimonials on the Remote Integrator website.

remote integrator review

Plus, the training has a 4.6-star excellent rating on Trustpilot. However, there are only 42 reviews.

remote integrator review

Not everyone was happy, and I found some bad reviews.

remote integrator review

Are There Any Better Alternatives?

The Remote Integrator Academy is a unique training program, and I couldn’t find any courses that taught the same method.

However, there are many unique ways to make money online, with one method being building, ranking, and flipping websites.

Take a look at The Affiliate Lab course that teaches you how to do this.

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is taught by Matt Diggity, who is an SEO expert and marketer.

He runs his successful blog and service, Diggity Marketing, highlighting SEO and affiliate marketing techniques that are working.

His in-depth training teaches you how to build and rank affiliate websites and make money online via affiliate partnerships.

This course is great for beginners and more experienced entrepreneurs. It teaches everything from setting up your first WordPress website and more advanced strategies, such as building a profitable site in a high-competition niche.

The Affiliate Lab normally costs $997/one-time payment or x2 installments of $597.

But as a Niche Pursuits reader, you get a special $200 discount!

Learn more about the Affiliate Lab here.

Remote Integrator Review: Is It Legit and Worth it?

At the end of this Remote Integrator Academy review, let’s sum up whether it’s worth your time.

While the course is legit, I would not recommend it due to the extremely high price point and only minimal evidence of a few successful remote integrators ever making good money with remote integration.

A few common reviews of the course are that it’s weak on actual systems and that Ravi Abuvala over-complicates things.

He is criticized for turning a simple point that could be got across in 10 minutes into a 5-hour long class.

Plus, the Remote Integrator website talks about building a passive income business when in reality, to succeed as a remote integrator, it would take a lot of hard work and patience.

If you want to work from home and be your own boss, a better idea is to learn how to start an online business that makes a great real-life income.

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