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We are thrilled that you have joined the ShareASale affiliate marketing network. Below, we will provide you with all the necessary resources to be fully prepared to drive your affiliate efforts to success. We will cover lots of important information, including how to get started, how to search for new Merchant partners, how payments work, which reports are most helpful, and even an introduction into some of our favorite tools.

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Let’s get started!

Familiarize yourself with your new account

Following the approval of your affiliate application to ShareASale, it is time to explore your publisher homepage and take a look at some tips to finding partners on our network.

Publisher homepage
Get familiar with the affiliate interface as we highlight the critical places to regularly visit. Find the knowledge necessary for a successful program.

Partner with brands

With over 6,000 retail programs to choose from, the concept of finding the right one can be daunting! Our merchant search experience is designed to help you easily and intuitively identify and join relevant programs through various filters, popular search options, and a marketing calendar for upcoming holidays or seasonal events.

How to search for merchants
Learn how to use our merchant search tool to find the partners who are going to be the best fit for your platform and audience.

Promote relevant products and services with affiliate links

After establishing relevant brand partnerships on the ShareASale network, it is time to start using affiliate links! Each brand provides an array of creatives for their affiliate partners to grab from. Or, if you can’t find the specific link you are looking for, create your own affiliate tracking links to direct your audience to the exact product or category page you’re referring to.

How to grab affiliate links
Get a detailed guide on how to retrieve a merchant’s creative, grab an affiliate link, and how to create custom affiliate link.

Get paid for your efforts

For all your promotional efforts through ShareASale, rest assured that we not only track which transactions earned you commissions, but we also send you one, combined payment each month. Our trusted network provides easy-to-read reporting that displays exactly how much you can expect to be paid based on your performance each month.

Affiliate payment settings
See a detailed status of your funds as well as which campaigns drove the most transactions with our comprehensive selection of payment reporting tools.

Take advantage of our user-friendly affiliate tools

Our network provides custom tools to help you promote brands and products more effectively and convert sales faster. Each has been created for you and by you. By listening to the requests of our clients, we develop tools to combat the changing needs in the industry. No matter your publisher type, you can find the right tools to help you drive more conversions and propel your affiliate efforts to success.

Promotional tools
Find and curate relevant products and turn any page into an eCommerce experience or create a dynamic creative to display.

Track your affiliate channel performance

Our robust reporting capabilities provide insight into all possible information you’d like to track for your affiliate efforts. Find out which merchants are performing best, easily find and replace broken links, or create tracking of your own with aff-tracking, which can provide added information across all your reports.

Ensure compliance – disclose, disclose, disclose!

It is crucial for all our partners to remain compliant by properly disclosing their affiliate activity. All partners are responsible to ensure that paid promotions are fully disclosed, honest and not misleading. All disclosures should be very clear and transparent. Regardless of which platform is used to promote a product or brand, disclosures are always necessary under FTC compliance requirements.

FTC compliance 101 & resources
Take a look at some disclosure basics and more information about why it is important for your brand to disclose. We also provide a number of resources to assist our publishers in your efforts.

Other helpful affiliate resources

Webinar: Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

During this webinar, a member of our publisher team provides a walk through on how bloggers can effectively use the ShareASale platform to run a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Affiliate FAQ’s

Find question and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from new joiner affiliates on our network.

We hope you will find this information valuable. For any account-based questions, please contact our publisher management team and they’d be happy to assist.

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