How To Make Money On The Cash App in 2023: 7 Smart Options

Thanks to Cash App, you no longer need to awkwardly fumble through your pockets and purse for loose change or run to the bank to deposit a check. You can easily send and receive payments online with a few taps on your phone. But did you know that Cash App is not only a great tool for managing your finances, but it can also be a source of side income? That’s right, folks – it’s not just for splitting the dinner bill anymore. In this article, we will show you some easy solutions on how to make money on the Cash App. 

From sign-up bonuses to investing in the stock market, there are several ways to make money with the Cash App. Let’s get started and find the best options for you.

7 Great Ways to Make Money on the Cash App

Here are our seven favorite ways to earn a little extra money by using the Cash App. Choose one or several options to get started:

1. Take Advantage of a Sign-Up Bonus

You can make free money with the payment app as soon as you sign up for the Cash App. You can use your friend’s referral code and link your bank account to earn a $5 bonus.

To enter the referral code, you need to:

  1. Install the Cash App on your Android or iOS device
  2. Go to “Personal Settings” at the top right
  3. Scroll down to find the “Referral Code” option
  4. Enter the Referral Code provided to you by your friend

The Cash App requires users to carry out a minimum transaction of $5 within 14 days to be eligible for the signup bonus. You can either:

  • Pay for single or multiple purchases of $5 with the cash app account, or
  • Transfer funds worth $5 to your peer

Cash App has streamlined the process of sending and receiving money. You can use the unique username – Cashtag, to send money or even search the contact with their email or phone number. 

Hence, with the convenience of making a transaction for as little as $5, you can enjoy the free bonus and get a hold of unlimited exclusive offers, as you will read below.

2. Activate Spending Boosts on Your Cash App Debit Card

The Cash App gives users the possibility to save money on purchases. You can get the free debit card – the Cash Card and receive an instant one-time cash boost when shopping online or visiting participating restaurants and retailers.

To receive the benefit, you would first have to activate spending boosts on the app. Simply click “Save with Boost,” scroll through the current offers, and activate the one you like.

Cash App only allows one active boost at a time. However, switching between boosts is very easy and doesn’t cause any trouble. 

The Cash Card boosts give discounts of 5-15% when you pay using the card. The discounted amount gets deducted when you make the purchase hence, instant savings on your Cash App account.

3. Refer Other Users to the Cash App

Referring the Cash App to friends and family is another quick way to earn extra money. You can easily earn $5 every time a new user downloads the app, registers for an account using your reward code, and sends a legit payment from their linked debit card.

Referring friends on Cash App is a very straightforward process. Head to your profile and click on the “Invite Friends” button. From here, you can choose any of the following options:

  • Invite using your contact list: The app scans your contact list for users who haven’t signed up for Cash App. 
  • Invite using a phone number: You can enter your friend’s mobile number, and the Cash App will send them a text message on how to register.
  • Invite using an email address: You can enter your friend’s email address, and the Cash App will send an email with steps to register.

Your referrals must use the unique reward code if you are to earn the bonus. Another thing to note is that the referral has 14 days from the time they entered the reward code to send a qualifying payment. If by that time no payment has been made, the reward code will expire. 

4. Avoid ATM Fees with the Cash Debit Card

You can use the Cash App to save money on cash withdrawals from an ATM. Generally, the platform charges a small fee of $2.50 on every withdrawal. 

You can avoid this ATM fee by scheduling a monthly direct deposit of $300 or more. In return, Cash App rewards with free unlimited withdrawals from all network ATMs and one instantly reimbursed withdrawal from an outside network ATM for 31 days.

Using the Cash App, you can save up to $10 worth of transaction fees, provided you withdraw money once every week.

5. Enter Sweepstakes and Giveaways on the Cash App

Cash App holds sweepstakes as Super Cash App Friday to reward users for their support. 

You should follow the Cash App account on Instagram and Twitter to enter. Once you see a giveaway post, you can participate by:

  • sharing the post with your Cashtag
  • commenting on the post with your Cashtag and necessary hashtags

Sweepstakes don’t require an entry fee, and once selected, users can receive free money via cash discounts, stocks, or bitcoins.

6. Get Free Bitcoin with Bitcoin Boosts

Similar to cash boosts, you can also activate Bitcoin boosts on the app. Instead of receiving cash discounts on purchases made using Cash Card, you will get free Bitcoins for every transaction. 

Cryptocurrencies are a high investment market, with Bitcoin trading having a significant role. You can keep Bitcoins with the financial planning of selling them later for cash when the prices rise.

This is a quick and easy way to earn free money on your investment. You can also learn a great deal about how the Bitcoin market works.

7. Use the Cash Investment Platform

You can use Cash App to manage personal finance. Users have the authority to invest as little as $1 in commission-free fractional shares or ETFs. You can also monitor your investment portfolio through the app and sell stocks when their value increases.

The Cash App also gives users the benefit of creating a list of companies that seem profitable for investment. As you see an increase in share value, it is a great idea to invest in the stock in expectation of a sizeable profit.

Cash App investing is currently only available in the United States for residents over 18 years old. 

How Do You Make Money Fast on Cash App?

Cash App provides a wonderful opportunity for users to make money without much effort.  You can start by signing up for the platform and referring the app to friends and family. The more people you recommend the app to, the higher your chances are of earning free money.

Cash App also gives users a chance to activate exclusive cash boosts. You can choose the offers that excite you and avail of them before they run out.

The cash boosts don’t directly increase your Cash App balance, but the savings generated as instant discounts sure make Cash App a great choice to manage your spending.

Also, if you have knowledge of the financial market, you can invest in high-return stocks and bitcoins. There is certainly a risk of losing your money, but with the right strategy, you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars daily.

How Do You Get $20 Fast on Cash App?

You can use Cash App to quickly and safely earn $20 or more. Firstly, you get a quick $5 bonus when you sign up for the platform.

Secondly, you can refer the app to as many people as you know. Even if just three people from your contact list join the platform and use your referral code, you can earn $15 in a few days.

Thus, it is very convenient to find earning opportunities on Cash App. You don’t have to assign your time and energy to sell products and design a promotional campaign. Simply reach out to people who trust you, let them know of Cash App, and help them increase savings and earn extra money.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Money on the Cash App

Choosing how to make money on the Cash App is easy when you know how the platform works. You can take the simplest approach and sign up, or try out more ambitious and lucrative options such as opening their branded card or starting up a few investments.

The Cash App provides multiple ways to make money fast, securely, and conveniently.

It’s exciting to think of how Cash App users worldwide benefit from this platform in so many ways. Whether you start a business, invest in stocks, or offer discounts and referral bonuses, Cash App can help you make the most of your money. Maximize your earnings with this versatile payment service!

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