Is Google Slowly Killing Blogging?

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Is Google trying to kill blogging?

Today I share what I’ve seen happening in the SEO community lately, Google reactions, and more.

I jump into a tweetstorm I started on the subject of Google slowly killing blogging. In fact, my tweet got the attention from the official Google Search Liason team and things got…interesting!

My original tweet that started it all.

I do a deep dive on this subject during the video below.

Watch the Video

Danny Sullivan from Twitter had a big back and forth with the SEO community, and lots of “grievances” were aired.

I also dive into 5 metrics of my websites to analyze which site got hit by the Helpful Content Update and which one didn’t.

I look at things like:

1. Time on page.

2. Returning Visitors

3. Brand Searches

4. Building a larger brand

5. % of articles that are keyword-focused

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